The Company

Our Mission:

The mission of Become American Investor (BAI) is to aid Latin Americans who wish to apply and qualify for American Green Cards through the U.S. Government’s EB-5 program, which makes Green Cards available for those who choose to invest in real estate or other business ventures in the United States.

Our highly educated, experienced team can lead you through each step of the process of finding the right real estate properties or investment projects in the United States, no matter what your goal.

Would you like to expand your business and establish an American clientele? Would you like for your children to get the best possible education at top American universities? Or would you like to live in a more secure, relaxed atmosphere?

BAI exists to help you to do any or all of these things. You need only to apply!

Why Apply for EB-5?

It’s simple. Everyone wins!

The U.S. government is actively seeking ways to boost their economy following the long economic downturn. While the EB-5 program has existed for some time, it was initially much more difficult for investors to qualify. With relaxed qualification requirements, more and more Latin Americans are now discovering the personal and corporate flexibility that comes with qualifying for EB-5. You and your family and/or company benefit from establishing a presence in the United States. In exchange, you help to provide jobs for American workers.


The Role of BAI

So where does BAI come in?

We have access to the best projects and real estate properties in the EB-5 business!

  • Our advisors will meet with you locally to assess your needs and how best to meet them, in your own language, so that you will not be lost in the application process due to a language barrier.
  • For the business investor, we do our own due diligence, which is then verified by independent legal advisors. This allows us to recommend the most appropriate projects for your needs.
  • For those wishing to relocate or purchase real property for profit, we can personally organize a one-on-one inspection tour to introduce you to the best in available real estate in the United States, particularly south Florida, which is experiencing a spectacular boom, thanks primarily to Argentine, Brazilian and Canadian investors. You won’t believe the beauty and affordability of our properties!
  • Whether your needs are personal or business related, BAI has the legal support you need to make your EB-5 application as smooth and simple as possible, from application to receiving your Green Card. BAI works closely with a group of attorneys, financial advisers, economists, broker/dealers, consultants, and other EB5 related service providers who have been directly involved in the initial setting up of a Regional Center and have the experience to guide companies and their projects through the USCIS Regional Center accreditation process.

BAI is here for you. We want to help you make your dreams come true and to welcome you to the United States. Contact one of our local offices to get started today!

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